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Lower East Side- Houston St.




All shoot in Brooklyn, NY, November 2010



Sights of Brooklyn

Brooklyn skyline tweaked

November 2010


November 2010


November 2010

Civic Center’s Environmental Sculpture: Twisted Logic

Sponsored by the San Francisco Arts Commission, artist Patrick Dougherty  and his team have been hard at work assembling, twisting, bending and manipulating 18,000 lbs. of willow branches to create and extraordinary row of hive like structures–each different, intimate, and together at once. The installation, called The Upper Crust, has been in progress since February 5th and will continue until the 26th. I spent my lunch break watching them fit branches to create these unusual environmental sculptures. The branches are the only thing used to create them, strictly organic and build and meld into the next. I asked them how far along the row of trees they were planning on going, at that time they were unsure. I would love to see the whole row filled with those hives.


The installation will continue into November, which means a spring and summer of tree growth to evolve the sculpture even further. I cannot wait to see what it becomes. More information about the project can be found on the San Francisco Arts Commission page and more information about Patrick Dougherty  can be seen on his sight, appropriately called Stick Work.

The Upper CrustThe Upper Crust



Below are examples from and installation at a Los Angeles boutique.

L.A. Installation
L.A. InstallationL.A. Detail
L.A. Detail

L.A. Detail

U.S. Department of Homeland Graffiti and Graffiti Research Lab

l love these guys! So…not too sure what the upcoming exhibit is really all about, but it is sure to be worth the trek to SanJo to the Gallery Anno Domini. From June 4th through the 28th, the U.S.D.H.G and the G.R.L. are liquidating all confiscated, high-tech graffiti artifacts and tools, expunged evidence, court exhibits, redacted documents and office furnishings, priced to sell. The G.R.L. specialize in Laser tags/graffiti and Throwies and all things subversive and dissident. WHOOO HOOO…subversion and dissidence!!!

Artist’s Reception: First Friday, June 6th, 2008
8 p.m. ’til late • free and open to the public
Exhibition runs from June 4th – June 28th



U.S. Department of Homeland Graffiti

“ReVisions; San Francisco” and “GIMME SHELTER ART!”


I was driving/gnashing through Mission on 8th when I glanced up and noticed a blast of color from the billboard I had passed for the last eleven years, which usually peddles KOOLS or a very tattered torn blowin’ in the wind nothin’ at all…Today there was ART!

Then I started to see it everywhere. Keep an eye out for yourself.


From the minds of Eco-LogicalART:

Artist paint on the pre-used/recycled indestructible signage vinyl used by the billboard industry and “re-envision” it and fill the cityscape with color. I like it. The best one I have seen so far is on 101 heading toward the SFO right before SSF. It is a strange triptych in reds that jumped out at me as I sped passed it. The viewership is better than the estimated average 4000 visitors that check the art at the Getty. The website provides maps of the locations of the RE-VISION billboards for SF, Oak-town and S. Bay areas.


The organization has a new project hitting on June 9th also in the public art realm, but this work is produced by young artist from 12-18. It is called “GIMME SHELTER ART!”. These works, also done in the recycled indestructible sign vinyl, will hang in SF bus shelters all over town; they are expected to be seen “15.000 times daily and over 400,000 times by month’s end”. The theme is “The World I See/The World I Hope That I Could Be.” Look for them. And check out what they are all about at the website.



These are smaller works also done on the same in-destructo vinyl that are sold individually.

San Francisco’s CARROTMOB! Greenroots!

What a great idea…MONEY! It will get em’ every time. Great work CARROTMOB. Do it some more!