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“The Junky’s Christmas” — William Burroughs

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In the Spirit of Sharing–in all kinds of ways.

From Amanda “Fucking”  Palmer

“so comrades…down to business.
this Sunday, TODAY, marks the release of TRISTAN’S EP that we made together, with the help of lots of y’all donating through kickstarter, this past september.

and NOW…….now the record’s ready for YOU. you can get it HERE on bandcamp, and hopefully you’ll go and listen and download and share the holy hell out of it with your friends and loved ones (tweet it, “Like” it on facebook, etc). for those of you on the east coast getting dumped on in snow, sean said it’s beautiful to drive around listening to while mother nature reminds you who’s boss.”

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Another great work by one of our favorite library patrons Rene Avalos.