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Patron Art

Rene Avalos strikes again. My favorite patron who work through her demons by making art. More of her work can be seen on her Fine Art page.




Library Collage Art

Salford Tower Blocks No. 1

Salford Tower Blocks No. 5

Eccles Library No. 2
Eccles Library No. 3
Eccles Library No. 1

These are created by salfordskyline. There is no information about the artist, but I found her because of this fine photographer of oddity, strange love, and memory–or at least that is what I think of.

Emmanuel Polanco


Emmanuel Polanco, French, designer/illustrator/artist.

Let it Bleed



Leningrad St. Petersburg merge

Leningrad St. Petersburg merge

A chronicle of time passages bled together with a thread of continuum. Found on Kosmograd: Postcards from the edge of the 1000-mile city

So Easy


vintage porno collection: The Plug

plugby anniegotgun