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Denver’s Magnet Mafia

I always love hearing about art coming outta my hometown. While home this summer I spotted these guys and their Mafia’s artwork all over town. I later saw a brief newscast about their mission and was eager to learn more. The group has spread their magnetic art world wide, but have kept it local too with the home-base in D-town. They offer workshops, art exchanges and youth workshops all with the idea of the magnet being their main medium for art production. So…Magnet Mafi keep up the “magneteering” and art social work!

wow! you can get anything in San Fran

Almost missed this one

cover art

Doze Green does San Francisco


The Art of Marketing

Wow! Pabst never looked so good. Art and Urban Marketing….MMMMmmmmm me so thirsty.Located close to SFs finest luxery hotel, 850 Bryant, on 7th just after Harrison on South Side of the Street. Beer and Art always go well together, that is what makes a girl Arty Farty…

blue ribbon

“ReVisions; San Francisco” and “GIMME SHELTER ART!”


I was driving/gnashing through Mission on 8th when I glanced up and noticed a blast of color from the billboard I had passed for the last eleven years, which usually peddles KOOLS or a very tattered torn blowin’ in the wind nothin’ at all…Today there was ART!

Then I started to see it everywhere. Keep an eye out for yourself.


From the minds of Eco-LogicalART:

Artist paint on the pre-used/recycled indestructible signage vinyl used by the billboard industry and “re-envision” it and fill the cityscape with color. I like it. The best one I have seen so far is on 101 heading toward the SFO right before SSF. It is a strange triptych in reds that jumped out at me as I sped passed it. The viewership is better than the estimated average 4000 visitors that check the art at the Getty. The website provides maps of the locations of the RE-VISION billboards for SF, Oak-town and S. Bay areas.


The organization has a new project hitting on June 9th also in the public art realm, but this work is produced by young artist from 12-18. It is called “GIMME SHELTER ART!”. These works, also done in the recycled indestructible sign vinyl, will hang in SF bus shelters all over town; they are expected to be seen “15.000 times daily and over 400,000 times by month’s end”. The theme is “The World I See/The World I Hope That I Could Be.” Look for them. And check out what they are all about at the website.



These are smaller works also done on the same in-destructo vinyl that are sold individually.

Hmmm Very strange and questionable

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