Benefits for S. Clay Wilson

S.Clay Wilson

San Francisco’s, S. Clay Wilson is recovering from an early November head injury that caused sever damage and will require extensive rehabilitation and subsequently loads of cash. His friends and family are hosting several benefits throughout the Bay Area. Including one at the Hemlock on January 11the at 6PM. If you are unable to attend any of the events, donations are being accepted at:

S. Clay Wilson
PO box 14854
San Francisco, CA


Wilson was seminal in the underground comic movement in SF, Zap Comix’s in particular. He is known for his infamous characters The Checkered Demon and Ruby the Dyke and for his wild depictions of sex and violence (Yea! sex and violence!). He has a manner of approaching art with a remarkable sense of non- censorship, which has allowed his style to flourish into the craziness it is. S. Clay Wilson also happens to hail Lincoln NE and as it turns out my staunch Aunt Lois used to baby-sit the young Wilson. Below is a note she sent me attached to copy of an untitled Wilson Comic dating from 1967-69. The note is as over the top a Wilson’s work. Nebraska Babby-sitter Letter

This is a rough time period for all in the art world, but even more so for Wilson and hid family, please donate what you can and go to the Hemlock on the 11th. Our thoughts go out to Wilson for a steady strong recovery!


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