Librarians Hate Censorship, but love archiving!

The File Room (TFR) was art based project started in 1979 running through 1998, as of 2001 the National Coalition Against Censorship has been maintaining the site and its mission.

The open free use forum allows users to report, detail, and track countless forms of censorship world wide. The founders consider “The File Room as a cultural project: an open prototype where participation, possibilities, and challenges will be tested.”

The site offers a searchable detailed archive of cases using a basic “keyword search,” or an “advance search,” or by using one of their four categories; dates, location, grounds for censorship, and medium.  Cases from B.C. to the present day are within this searchable archive.

The best part we all have the power to submit a case of censorship through The File Room site. Check it out, use it, search and archive on it.

by eric drooker

by eric drooker


One response to “Librarians Hate Censorship, but love archiving!

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