Library Patron Art

I wish these beautiful works would have scanned better, but I think ya all can get the gist. These works are created by one of my favorite patrons, Rene Avalos. While Rene faces unique challenges in her life and she can be quite  eccentric and a downright brash woman, in between trying to scare other patrons, she quells her spirit with art. She has recently had assistance to place her items, which include mobiles, water colors and oil paintings on Etsy to sell her work. You can also see her mobile on this blog post.  This artist has  main intent is only to get money to make more art! She does not have anything up yet on the Etsy site, but she will and you can still contact her through the site to buy some of her fabulous art and dirt cheap prices, beyond resonance. She is an inspiration and she always has our backs at the library. Art is the Power!


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