“ReVisions; San Francisco” and “GIMME SHELTER ART!”


I was driving/gnashing through Mission on 8th when I glanced up and noticed a blast of color from the billboard I had passed for the last eleven years, which usually peddles KOOLS or a very tattered torn blowin’ in the wind nothin’ at all…Today there was ART!

Then I started to see it everywhere. Keep an eye out for yourself.


From the minds of Eco-LogicalART:

Artist paint on the pre-used/recycled indestructible signage vinyl used by the billboard industry and “re-envision” it and fill the cityscape with color. I like it. The best one I have seen so far is on 101 heading toward the SFO right before SSF. It is a strange triptych in reds that jumped out at me as I sped passed it. The viewership is better than the estimated average 4000 visitors that check the art at the Getty. The website provides maps of the locations of the RE-VISION billboards for SF, Oak-town and S. Bay areas.


The organization has a new project hitting on June 9th also in the public art realm, but this work is produced by young artist from 12-18. It is called “GIMME SHELTER ART!”. These works, also done in the recycled indestructible sign vinyl, will hang in SF bus shelters all over town; they are expected to be seen “15.000 times daily and over 400,000 times by month’s end”. The theme is “The World I See/The World I Hope That I Could Be.” Look for them. And check out what they are all about at the website.



These are smaller works also done on the same in-destructo vinyl that are sold individually.


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