Mortified Performer

Childhood shame and heartbreak can be extremely funny. Last night I went to one of the monthly performances of Mortified held at the Make Out Room, SF. They had simple requirements to the performances; mainly that the readers had to be the original author of their childhood journals, song lyric or even film as we saw last night.

Through the stories of first time pot smoking, blowjobs, California Dreamin’, and fears of death that manifest into a love of horror film and subsequent production of young boys Super 8 films, Mortified took me back to my own horrific youth laughing all the way. The soundtrack of “our” lives was performed by Live Evil, with a tribute song thoughtfully planned for each performer. It was great touch this happening.

The audience gets the joy of sharing in their pain through the laughter and empathy we get from hearing these stories of youth. What I found interesting is that those fears and questions we had as young men and women are not that much different than in adulthood. We have all just found ways of expressing them better. So…Go get Mortified.


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